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My first GUI - System task

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Hi, this is my first GUI. This script is made to convieniently access to your pograms and folders without having to search it everywhere. If you have any requests on adding a few more functions, please post as i need more practice on coding. :P


Comments and complaints are welcome. :(

Edit: i fixed a few things. :idea:

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Maybe give some detail?

It works and looks nice to me! Nice first GUI :P

Windows Search is like 500000000000000x faster than yours, but its all cool. :(

can we call it a nice GUI? after pressing the Search button i can't see any results. i searched for *.txt files. :idea:
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Did you wait until it had finished searching. It displays the list of files it found when has finished searching.


Maybe you could add in a context menu for the search engine with the items to open file and open containing folder.

Also you could do a double click to open the file in the listwiew.

I have done double clicks in an app I made for work, if you need any help with it just pm me. Great app by the way(systems tasks) I will be compiling and have running and switch to it when I want to run any of those programs I use all of them.


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Not bad for your first GUI but I'm really here to comment on your nice banner. The text is a little out of place but you did a good job meshing the background.

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Very nice!!! Keep building man!




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