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guictrlsetdata help please

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I need to set data on a GUI CTRL and i want the data to be in order I read a word and a number , now since i have long words and short words i doing something like this

while StringLen ($Word)<18



that way i thought i will arrange the data and the next data item will be in the right place, but the fonts are in different sizes (they are not eqaul in space) so the data is very messy like this

Battlegrace Angel 3.45 (Battlegrace is 17 spaces )

Cradle of Vitality 1.25 (this is 18 spaces but the word looks shorter)

insted of this

Battlegrace Angel 3.45

Cradle of Vitality 1.25

I hope i made myself clear

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sent a pm

some of my scripts check them out and give feedback so i can learn from them :)autoclicker a autoclickernote taker a script to take notes with

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