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yet another noob question

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In a mtgo bot i use, when mtgo loads it has a few splash screens which require you to click on and then enter your username and password.

I am trying to create my own bot due to complications with my current bot creator and other users.

it is neccessary to have those splash screens to pop into the top left corner for constant mouse locations being accurate with multiple screen resolutions among users.

when the existing bot is running it just seems to pop them into place, is there a command, function or something that easily does that? i have searched the forums and returned basically nothing.

once again thanx in advance, i do understand that these are elementary question.


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Use WinMove() to move your window, or use Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0) or Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2) so you don't need to care about winpositions and screensizes

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thanx, while i was waiting, i looked in the function reference to see what could give me some help

i came up with the following:

$size = WinGetPos("[active]")

$half = ($size[0]+$size[3])/2 + $size[0]

MouseClickDrag("left", $half ,($size[1]+9), ($half - $size[0]), 10, 50)

i used the $half to find the center of the title bar and then moved down 9 so it would be somewhat in the middle of the bar

not an easy one step method, but was fairly easy once i found wingetpos

thanx for the help.


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