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AutoIt v3.1.0 Released

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AutoIt v3.1.0 has been released.

Download: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.php


Web Version:


Text Version:

v3.1.0 (7th Feb, 2005) (Release)

- Added: GUI creation capabilties

- Added: DllCall(), DllOpen(), DllClose()

- Added: ControlListView()

- Added: WinList()

- Added: DirGetSize()

- Added: IniReadSectionNames(), IniReadSection()

- Added: InetGet(), InetGetSize()

- Added: HttpSetProxy(), FtpSetProxy()

- Added: FtpBinaryMode (Option)

- Added: Ping()

- Added: ControlGetHandle()

- Added: WinGetProcess() and ProcessList()

- Added: SetExtended()

- Added: WinSetTrans()

- Added: Assign()

- Added: ConsoleWrite()

- Added: @AutoItExe macro

- Added: Const keyword

- Added: Optional parameter support for user functions

- Added: "main", "primary", "menu", "secondary" added as valid mouse button types

- Added: ExpandVarStrings (Option)

- Added: The user functions OnAutoItStart() and OnAutoItExit() are called during startup/exit

- Added: OnExitFunc (Option)

- Added: (Internal) Native HWND datatype added to variants

- Removed: URLDownloadToFile() (Replaced by InetGet())

- Changed: For loops automatically declare the counter variable as a Local variable

- Changed: IniDelete() can also delete entire sections

- Changed: StringReplace() also returns the number of replacements in the @extended macro

- Changed: StringMid() the "count" parameter is now optional (assumes remainder of the string)

- Changed: PixelChecksum() now has optional step parameter

- Changed: Control...() functions now accept the Control ID as an extra way to identify a control

- Changed: InetGet() function can download in the background

- Changed: Reg...() functions no longer give a hard error when an unknown key is used.

- Changed: The mouse and pixel functions now have an additional "client area" mode

- Changed: Added WIN_2003 to the possible values for @OS_VERSION

- Changed: AU3Spy.exe renamed to AU3Info.exe

- Changed: Major upgrades to the AutoIt Window Spy (control highlighting, magnify)

- Changed: FileSelectFolder supports an initial directory as well as a root directory

- Changed: File functions no longer give fatal errors when -1 is used as a handle

- Changed: (Internal) new quicker variable lookup using a binary tree

- Changed: (Internal) new shared process memory class used for StatusBarGetText()

- Changed: (Internal) Unified structure stacks (If, Func, Select, While, Do, For)

- Changed: (Internal) Variant rewrite (now handles int32, int64, double, string, HWND data)

- Fixed: Memory leak in SplashImageOn()

- Fixed: Expressions like "$var = $var" will now give an error if the variable wasn't previously defined

- Fixed: StringFormat() with \\ characters

- Fixed: Under rare situations after closing a script AutoIt3.exe would still appear in task manager for a while

- Fixed: Certain paths like @WindowsDir were incorrect under Windows Terminal Server

- Fixed: FileSetTime() systems in non-GMT timezones had incorrect results

- Fixed: FileMove() with UNC paths (does a real move when in the same dir rather than a copy).

- Fixed: ^ operator

- Fixed: Chr()

- Fixed: StatusBarGetText() failed when used with no "Text" parameter

- Fixed: InputBox() didn't return focus to the previously active window

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