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Centered Message Box

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I wanted a custom message box that would be centered on the application window when clicked rather than centered on the screen. I found this MsgBox by photonbuddy ( ) and modified it. I thought I would share:

; Where:
;     $title      =  The title of the message box
;     $text    =  The text to be displayed. Long lines will wrap. The text will also
;                    be centered.
;     $button    =  The text for the buttons. Seperate buttons with the
;                    pipe (|) character. To set a button as the default button,
;                    place the ampersand (&) character before the word. If you
;                    put more than 1 ampersand character, the function will
;                    fail and return -1, plus set @error to 1
;     $hWin    =  The handle of the window the message box is to be centered in.
;     $msgwidth   =  Width of the displayed window. This value will be automatically
;                    increased if the resulting window will not be wide enough to
;                    accommodate the buttons requested. Default is 300
;     $msgheight  =  Height of the displayed window. This is not adjusted. If the
;                    text is too big, it will not display it all. Default is 80
;     $buttonwidth=  The width of the button in pixels.  Default is 80
;     Success:  Returns the button pressed, starting at 1, counting from the LEFT.
;                 Returns 0 is the Message Box was closed via a "CloseGUI" event, i.e. click
;                 the close box or press Escape.
;     Failure:  Returns -1 if Message Box was not created due to more than 1 default button 
;                 being set or other GUI error.  Error is set to 1.
Func _CenteredMsg($title, $text, $button, $hWin, $msgwidth=300,$msgheight=80,$buttonwidth=80,$ntimeout=-1)
    Local $nOldOpt = Opt('Guioneventmode',0)
    Local $buttonarray=StringSplit($button,"|")
    Local $msgButton[$buttonarray[0]+1]
    Local $buttoncount,$defbutton=0, $retvalue, $buttonwork, $buttonxpos, $mmsg
    Local $arTemp=WinGetPos($hWin)
    If StringInStr($button,"&",0,2)<>0 Then;if two buttons are showing focus
        $nOldOpt = Opt('Guioneventmode',$nOldOpt)
        Return -1
    If ($buttonwidth+8)*$buttonarray[0]+8>$msgwidth Then;if button width exceeds window size, resize window
    Local $msggui = GUICreate($title, $msgwidth, $msgheight, ($arTemp[2]-$msgwidth)/2+$arTemp[0]-3,($arTemp[3]-$msgheight)/2+$arTemp[1]-16, _
BitOr(0x80880000,0x00C00000)); $WS_POPUPWINDOW & $WS_CAPTION
    If $msggui=0 Then 
        $nOldOpt = Opt('Guioneventmode',$nOldOpt)
        Return -1
    Local $hDummy=GUICtrlCreateLabel($text, 8, 8, $msgwidth-16, $msgheight-40)
    For $buttoncount=0 To $buttonarray[0]-1
        If StringLeft($buttonwork,1)="&" Then
        $msgbutton[$buttoncount] = GUICtrlCreateButton($buttonarray[$buttoncount+1], $buttonxpos+($buttoncount*$buttonwidth)+($buttoncount*$buttonxpos*2), _
$msgheight-32, $buttonwidth, 24,$defbutton)

    Dim $timeout
    If $ntimeout <> -1 Then $timeout = TimerInit()
    While 1
        $mmsg = GUIGetMsg()
        If $mmsg > 2 Then
            $retvalue = $mmsg-$hDummy;ctrl number of button minus the ctrl number of the label will result in button 1 = 1, button 2 = 2
            Case $mmsg = -3;$GUI_EVENT_CLOSE = -3
                $nOldOpt = Opt('Guioneventmode',$nOldOpt)
                Return 0
            Case Else
                If TimerDiff($timeout)/1000 >= $ntimeout AND $ntimeout <> -1 Then
                    $nOldOpt = Opt('Guioneventmode',$nOldOpt)
                    Return 0
        If $retvalue <> '' Then ExitLoop
    $nOldOpt = Opt('Guioneventmode',$nOldOpt)
    Return $retvalue
EndFunc;==> _My_DisplayMsg()

Here is a sample script using the function:

$hGUI=GUICreate("My Test",300,600,200,200)


GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $hGUI)

While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case -3;$GUI_EVENT_CLOSE = -3
        Case $hButton
            $nValue=_CenteredMsg("My Test Message","This is Just a Test","&1|2|3|4|5",$hGUI,400,100,50)

I hope someone finds this useful.


Edited by YellowLab

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Nice! It should also have a flag so that it will set the parent of the GUI to the HWND. :P

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