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Diana (Cda)

Converting this programs beep music to AI beep music?

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Diana (Cda)

For months I've searched for a way to easily create beep music. I've searched the forums here many, many times in the past and again today. I dl everything and tried all the AI scripts but frankly, haven't gotten any closer on creating my own beep music. All of the beep songs that use Paulie's system work just great, it's just that there are so few songs and I can't make heads or tails on how to create my own. The couple of AI piano interface scripts didn't help me either in creating music.

Why beep music? I like it for several reasons, but the best use for it is in the type of script where a secondary source of sound is ideal. For example, secondary audio cue when speaker/monitor turned off yet a systray script repeats every x number of minutes. Beeps still sound even when speakers off.

I'm going to have to add some beeps to the script since those can be heard even when speakers are off. That will be the end of the problem ...

Except ...

The beeps need to be unique and pertinent each time and things like this type of simple beep:





not good enough for special cases esp. since I use beeps enough.

After months of searching, I just found an easy, intuitive no-install beep song maker called "Bleeper Music Maker (BMM)" (yes, Bleeper, not Beeper <g>):


and it works like a charm! The couple of AI piano scripts that are on the forum here don't work as intuitively nor do they seem to give me output like this little app does. BMM's song files open up in notepad.

I created the beep song below with it in just a handful of minutes. I figured out the intricacies of the program easily, it's very intuitive; the only thing taking me any time was how to get enough pause at certain points when there was no note played (in BMM by choosing correct note length -- 1/2, whole, quarter, etc. -- and pressing the "Blank Line" button). BMM is unbelievably easy to use!

Here is the code to "Mary Had a Little Lamb", which I used because it's short and easy and just uses one note at a time (song starts on second line below MUSICLISTSTART):

Bleeper Music Maker by Robbi-985 file format
Revision 143
//Pitch and timing settings
KeyboardOctave 4
BPM 140
TimeSig 4
NoteSilenceRatio 50
NoteLength 1
AlternateTime 30
//Editing settings
//When key is clicked,
NoteClickPlay 1
//Adding note
NoteClickAdd 1
AddNote1 1
AddNote2 0
NoteReplace 0
NoteLengthReplace 1
//Which notes in list to play
//When a line is clicked,
ClickPlayNote1 1
ClickPlayNote2 1
//When the music is being played,
PlayNote1 1
PlayNote2 1
//Length Note1 Note2
1/8 E4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
1/8 C4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
1/8 E4 - -
1/8 E4 - -
Quarter E4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
Quarter D4 - -
1/8 E4 - -
1/8 G4 - -
Quarter G4 - -
1/8 E4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
1/8 C4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
1/8 E4 - -
1/8 E4 - -
Quarter E4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
1/8 E4 - -
1/8 D4 - -
Half C4 - -
Half - - -
Half - - -

This fascinating little program also plays two notes at once which creates a neat complexity. BMM comes with 17 sample songs which show some of that complexity and also helped to understand how this app works.

AI ... ?

My question is, can anyone think of a way to convert the above type of notes to AutoIt's beep music format? The pauses are easy to understand, we'd just tack on the length of the beep, but it's the "notes" themselves, C4 (musical "middle C"), D4, etc. I don't know what the notes even on a piano correspond to in beep music.

If there is a way to do the translation that would mean that a whole world would open up to someone like me that needs to create unique beep music every once in a while, with little fuss or muss. Or if not little, a whole lot less than as it stands now, even if I could even begin to figure out how to create my own beep music! <g>

Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, the screenshot for the app can also be seen on that page: http://robbi-985.homeip.net:8000/hosted_pr.../bmm/index.html

Thanks! :mellow:

p.s., the first "hyphen" above seems to be a placeholder for a nonexistent second note here, and the second hyphen corresponds to a blank entry under something called "Mod", which I don't know what it means as I haven't really studied all the 17 examples yet. There might be a clue in one of the BMM example songs as to what "Mod" does. :(

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This notepad system that you call "intuitive" would not be very hard to make in autoit at all, the only unique thing about this BMM program is the supposed ability to play 2 notes at the same time through the motherboard/case speaker, which is something that I thought impossible and am still skeptical of.

If you have any questions about any of the scripts I have created, I would be happy to answer them for you... If you have a song with a simple melody (or sheet music) i could try to create a "Beep" version of, I would be happy to try.

Just let me know :mellow:

EDIT: after reading the "Info" file, I was correct, you can't play fore than one frequency at a time:


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since the system speaker can only play 1 note at a time, the program quickly switches between "Note 1" and "Note 2", if there is a note in both columns on this line in the music list. You adjust the speed of this switching by changing the number typed in the "Switch between alternating notes every: ... mS" text box, which is to the left of the music list.

For many computers, setting this value to NOT a multiple of 15 will make the alternating seem a little unsmooth (the amount of time which each pulse of the note plays for becomes uneven). So, if this is the case for you, please set it to one of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, etc.

So yes, these could be converted into autoit beeps... very easily most likely

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Diana (Cda)

Yes, that's the case. The notes play so close together that they sound almost like a chord that is played on a piano at the same time ... almost!

My music days are decades ago and your offer is very kind. It's just that I would like to find a way to create music myself. The Bleeper program FOR ME is completely intuitive. The only challenge is the translation of notes to AI beep music. I've spent a little bit of time and here's what I came up with _so_far_ (with my notes):

(Difference between each BMM "note" is ±15-55 in AutoIt Beep; i.e., Beep(500,750) is +55 > Beep(445,750) since 500-445=55.  445-55=390, 390-55=345, etc.)

[B4]    Whole B4    =   Beep(500,750)
[A4]    Whole A4    =   Beep(445,750)   -55
[G4]    Whole G4    =   Beep(390,750)   -55
[F4]    Whole F4    =   Beep(345,750)   -55
[E4]    Whole E4    =   Beep(330,750)   -15
[D4]    Whole D4    =   Beep(295,750)   -35
[C4]    Whole C4    =   Beep(260,750)   -35 MIDDLE C
[B3]    Whole B3    =   Beep(245,750)   -15
That little bit took me quite some time. I haven't looked at this since then nor have I tested it more than I did then. However, though it may seem like more work to others, this is the best I can do. I really wish there was something similar I could do in AI that would provide the beep coding directly rather than all this fiddling around "translating" -- but that would be WAY beyond my capabilities to come up with. And all the piano-like AI scripts I've tried in the past didn't have any sort of text output that I remember. Also, they did not reproduce sound correctly according to what keys should produce. I may no longer be able to really play any instrument but I had and continue to have a very keen ear <g>.

I don't need to create whole songs, that's the good part. It's just to come up with the snippets of sound for those scripts that I know I'll use when computer is not completely turned on. This state mean that monitor and speakers are off so that there are no audio or visual cues. Beeps work here. By making beep "music", that provides audio clue as to what I'm being prompted for; and fortunately, only pieces of songs needed in this case.

Thanks. :mellow:

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