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Detect Locked/Unlocked PC when it in Remote Desktop

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Here's the function that I use (typically in a While... Wend loop, which should suit your requested usage well):


Func _CheckLocked()
    $hLockedDLL = DllOpen("user32.dll")
    $hDesktop = DllCall($hLockedDLL, "int", "OpenDesktop", "str", "Default", "int", 0, "int", 0, "int", $DESKTOP_SWITCHDESKTOP)
    $ret = DllCall($hLockedDLL, "int", "SwitchDesktop", "int", $hDesktop[0])
    DllCall($hLockedDLL, "int", "CloseDesktop", "int", $hDesktop[0])

    If $ret[0] = 0 Then
        $iLocked = 1
    ElseIf $ret[0] = 1 Then
        $iLocked = 0
    If $iLocked Then
        Return 1
        Return 0
Hi !

I tried 'Monamo' code above and it's working great for local unlocked desktop.

But when someone connect remotely (by Remote Desktop), the status is 'Unlocked' even if he closed the session (without manually unlocking), So despite that no one is connected to the pc the status is 'Unlocked'.

Why it behaving like that?

Any solution for that?

Thanks a lot!

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With RDP you will logon to the remote pc/server thus if the session is already running for that account it will be activated from whatever state and the desktop will be shown. When there is no User session running for the Account used, it will start a new session for that account.

When you want to takeover the screeen/keyboard without changing the system state you will have to use something like VNC.


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I will check it out.


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