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Changing text of forms in Firefox

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Hey. I'm trying to automate my daily login to itslearning.com. At the moment my code is:

Run ("C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe www.itslearning.com")
WinWaitActive("it's learning 3.3 - Mozilla Firefox")
Sleep (1000)
Send ("My login")
Send ("{TAB}")
Send ("My password")
Send ("{Enter}")

Im wondering, if i could make autoit change the text of the 2 forms (on the left of the page if anyones looking at the link) to my username and password directly, without me having to have firefox as the active window. If i could, i would then make autoit do everything in the background, and as soon as autoit logged in for me, make the browser window active. I tried using ControlSend, but realized that the forms arent controls (lol :( ). I Cant seem to find anything for forms. only some IEform commands, but im using firefox, will they work? i hope i have expressed myself clear:)

ANY help will be much appreciated :mellow: thanks.

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