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Confusion over #include

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At the moment, the help file says this about #include:

Includes a file in current script.

I've noticed that there are quite a few misunderstandings about the way that this statement/directive works .. which might be avoided by altering the help file to say:

Includes a separate AutoIt source-file in the current script.

Just an idea - HTH


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I know that this might sound stupid... but if the description would be changed, then it would state something wrong.

#include includes every file. It doesn't care if it's a binary file, a textfile or an autoitscript.

Just look at this example (I didn't test it but my logic says that it should work):

Create a file named message.txt containing the following line:

This is a simple textfile containing a message to display_
Then create an AutoIt script:
MsgBox(0, 'Testmessage', "_
#include "message.txt"
Try to run the script and think about what #include includes in this case...

I think it would be better to add a remark about this with the hope that the people that don't turn on their brain before starting to script at least look at the helpfile.

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