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the sole purpose of writing to the exe is to change the crc32...thats all

I found if you write to the end of a file it still runs...

I think this is where were getting lost .. alls I want to do is change the files crc32 then launch it... Im passing no info about ..its straight forward openfile() filewrite() run()

Last time I am going to ask: Why do you want to change the CRC? (and I mean what legitimate reason)

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I don't see any problem here. He just wants ta add some data to some exe file of his. That is perfectly legit action. That is what AutoIt compiler do when attaching a3x to exe at compile time, isn't it?. Nothing wrong or forbidden here.

$hw = FileOpen("Some.exe", 17)
FileWrite($hw, Binary("Addition"))
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Ok, now I understand what you want. Would it not just be easier not to cheat on the game and play it legit? If you are really insistent, then just recompile the code with something added each time you launch it.

It needs to be an exe

That would mean compiling the au3 before running the exe (basically all the time)??

or have i mis understood??

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Thanks trancexx .... some one did understand

works now ...

Thank you

I think I told you quite a few posts ago that you needed to learn how to use FileOpen/FileRead/FileWrite :mellow:

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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