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multiple colors pixel search

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I search for some codes on the forum and I find a a lots of good ones but

wiich of those will work for I need my mouse to shoot 4 colors, one code that I find is

$CoordsA = PixelSearch =0xffffff and also this one $searchcolor = 0xFFFFFF it works great but how can I make it for multiple colors like this

$searchcolor = 0xFFFF00
$searchcolor = 0xFFFF05
$searchcolor = 0xFFFF06
$searchcolor = 0xFFFF55
 didnt work may be I need some command to time each color "sleep 100

help please. well Im gonna keep reading more topics is really good,

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When your assigning the color to the same variable all the time you're actually just overwriting the old one.

Try saving each color in it's own variable or in an array, like this:

Global $array[4]=[0xFFFFFF,0xFFFF0000,0xFF00FF00,0xFF0000FF]

For $i=0 To UBound($array)-1
    If Not @error Then
        MsgBox(64,"Color found!",Hex($array[$i],6)&" was found!")


Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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Thank you this is really awesome I love learning here,

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