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Remove software with Reg HKEY

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The main effort is to remove several service programs by pushing out the script at night so no manual intervention.

The programs to be removed are Ad-ware, spybot and command antivirus. Once this is done, we want to install the

Blink antivirus which includes all the functions of the removed programs.

Can I use the following key to remove the AD-Ware program ver 7 for a computer?

If I put it in the start run command, it will remove the program with no problem or

input from me. But I can't seem to get it into autoit and it will run with no

input from me. I can seem to get either one of the following runwait, or the Shellexecutewait to find the file.

The runwait just blows right through doing nothing and the Shellexecutewate can't find the file? Acording to

the error message.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\msiexec.exe/x{DED53B0B-B67C-4244-AE6A-D6FD3C28D1EF} /passive

Func Radware78() ;==> Remove version 7 and/or 8

; check and see if Adware 8 is that, if so 7 can't be as 8 removes it

If FileExists("C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007") Then


;ShellExecutewait(@WindowsDir & "/system32/msiexec.exe/x{DED53B0B-B67C-4244-AE6A-D6FD3C28D1EF} /passive")

;MsgBox(4096, "Blink Clean", "msiexec.exe/x{DED53B0B-B67C-4244-AE6A-D6FD3C28D1EF}")



EndFunc ;==> Remove version 7 and/or 8

Thanking you in advance, as I am sure you can show me the error of my ways.


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Volly, To tell the truth, being still a new bee at this, I never knew about it. Sure solved the problem and

again I say Thank you. bobby

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