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Error transparent Msg in my script

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Hi, the function of the program is to make ping's to a several IP's and the results are shown in a GUI with ListView and groups (or not, you can erase all the items and add some new items(IP's)), while the program is running, a transparent msgbox is shown, i only see the frame of the msg, the title and the X button to close, the Accept, Cancel or another button exists, because I press enter or click in the area of the button, and the msg closes. I was searching in all my script and in the include's and only one of them (ExplorerCopy.au3 script in this link) have msg with "Error" in the title, but I have replaced all the msg with other things and the msg always show "Error", i don't know why, the ping's are made from an Adlib Function executed every 3 seconds.

My script is separated in three scripts.

- PingT_Complet.au3 (if you would compile it auoit beta is needed)


- CompletGui.au3


- CompletFunc.au3


and others


RarIt.au3 - you need Rar.exe from WinRar

UnRarIt.au3 - you need UnRar.exe form WinRar



there is the program Compiled

2008/11/05 v.

Windows Vista Business

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Yes i have tested in other pc's example: WinXp and out of my domain (explanation: when the script is executed in my domain a list of ip's is loaded with name's and other information in new columns, and the item's are set in groups) and works fine........ i don't know this error i will change some things...... i think it's possible some functions of _GuiCtrlListView_SetItemText or other functions.......... thanks for the test senthor.

And the script is in Catalonian

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