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picture in a gui

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i created a small programm with a bmp in the background.

if i know, i could only compile filses, wich are used in the

fileinstall function. so i do a trick, if i want to display a

special bmp in my gui: i first install it to a temp-folder and

put the path into the GuiCtrlCreatePic function.

my question: is it possible to do this on another way?

so that i dont have to do the fileinstall first for

displaying a bmp in my gui?

thx, spachtler

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Use FileInstall.

Check the help file for more info.

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One thing on my list of things to do is a neater way of generating temporary filenames which will make it a little easier at least.


Generate a name for a temporary file. The file is guaranteed not to already exist in the user's %TEMP% directory.

#include <File.au3>

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