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DVB Plugin Manager v1.0

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My Script Called DVB Plugin Manager v1.0

Always Updated SoftCam, Always Updated Keylist Evocamd ,keylist Newcamd | Camd3 | v_keys | v_sids | tps | vPlug | nagra gbox

1. Save As Dialog

2. Download progress Bar

3. Check Server Connection

4. Menu, Menu Item

Posted Image


Posted Image

Open URL

Posted Image

Menu Item

Posted Image

Download DVB_Plugin_Manager_v1.0.au3

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line MsgBox(0, "Size of remote file:",& "Size of remote file " $size&" bytes") is error

correct line MsgBox(0, "Size of remote file:","Size of remote file " &$size &" bytes")


If click Cancel you see

MsgBox(16,"Error","The download was cancelled, or did not complete successfully.")


MsgBox(64,"Complete","Download complete!")

You see http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=83943

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