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Draw box on screen

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I'm very new to AutoIt and am using it in my job to create automated scripts to test professional financial software. We're using a set script that take an image within a certain pixel set and then uses an OCR .jar file get the text out of that image. I've come up with a problem with the script (I didn't write and the person did is long gone from this company) and I need to have some visual cues as the what is being selected. The script is supposed to highlight rows in a table but I'm not sure it's doing it correctly. As I debug the script and looking at the numbers for the pixel ranges it looks like it should work fine, but it isn't.

Is there any way to draw a selection window on screen with AutoIt? If you open Windows Explorer (XP or Vista, I'm using XP) and click and drag, you get a blue selection box that starts at the cursor position where you clicked, and until you let go of the mouse button that box follows your mouse. I wonder if there's a way to do something like that.

These scripts does NOT create a GUI, again, we are testing software with these scripts.

I'd appreciate any feedback and suggestions you have!



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