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Guest hooi

Click on a button & Change string

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Guest hooi

I have an Access application (called BMSApp) which is to send out email automatically on the 15th of every month. Right now, the application automatically activates Outlook and it displays a window (window name: Microsoft Outlook) and it waits for confirmation ('Yes' button) before it sends the email.

Since I'm a complete newbie to AutoIt. I need help to do two things:

1. When the Outlook window appears, wait for 5 seconds, then use AutoIt to click on the 'Yes' button automatically

2. Once my Access client application is installed, it is accessible from Start->Programs-> BMS->BMSApp

I need to be able to use AutoIt to change the Target field of the Properties of the application (right-click on the Properties of BMSApp) window to a new text string.

Would appreciate any help available. Thanks...

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; Part 1

; If the Yes Button is active then this should work:

;5000 milliseconds = 5 seconds



; There is an alterantive way, but it requires knowing the button index....

ControlEnable("Microsoft Outlook", "", "Button1")

ControlLeftClick("Microsoft Outlook", "", "Button1")

; Maybe someone else with Outlook can tell you

; Part 2

Could you clarify? Why do you need to change the shortcut target?

It might just be easier to create a new shortcut and delete the old one. the FileCreateShortcut function does this--well you'll also need FileDelete.

I'll let another person fill in the details :-)

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