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AutoIt v3.2.13.10 (Beta) Released

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http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/files/beta/autoit (8th November, 2008) (Beta)


- Added #407: Documented that For...In loops are read-only.

- Added #645: IniDelete() now supports the Default keyword for the 3rd parameter.

- Fixed #628: GuiCtrlRead($ctxmenu, $adv) bad return (Saunders)

- Fixed #640: PCRE does not support \L, \l, \N, \U, or \u : doc updated

- Fixed: StringToASCIIArray() crash (Part of issue #596).

- Fixed #642: Installer now correctly opens the merged helpfile to the history page instead of the AutoIt-only helpfile.

- Fixed #646: Call() now sets specific @error and @extended values when it fails to find a function.

- Changed: Documented StringToASCIIArray() and StringFromASCIIArray() use UNICODE codes (Part of issue #596)


- Fixed: multiple unicode related problems introduced in a previous beta.


- Added: _StringExplode() (WeaponX)

- Fixed #610: _WinAPI_CreateFile() wrong return value upon failure

- Fixed #619: _GUICtrlListView_SetItemSelected memory allocation

- Fixed #617: corrections to six GDI+ ImageGet help file examples

- Fixed #621: _StringAddThousandsSep don't work with negative number

- Fixed #635: _GuiCtrlTab_ClickTab() docs list unused $fPopupScan parameter

- Fixed #650: Missing BorderConstants.au3

- Fixed #656: _FileCountLines returns 0 if file only contains 1 line

- Changed: _Soundxxxx functions (RazerM)

- Changed #599: _FileListToArray speed optimization (code65536)

- Changed: _SQLite 3.5.9 -> 3.6.4.

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