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Hotkeys for multiple instances of a script

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If two AutoIt scripts set the same HotKeys, you should avoid running those scripts simultaneously. (The second script cannot capture the hotkey unless the first script terminates or unregisters the key prior to the second script setting the hotkey.)

Well, that shot my pause and exit idea...

So, I tried:

; Set hot keys ( Press Esc to terminate script, Pause/Break to "pause")
If $sSiteCode = "V" Then
    HotKeySet("^+{V}", "TogglePause")
    HotKeySet("^!{V}", "Terminate")
ElseIf $sSiteCode = "C" Then
    HotKeySet("^+{C}", "TogglePause")
    HotKeySet("^!{C}", "Terminate")

Based on the use of the letters of the 2 copies of the script I will be running on the same computer.

Well, I guess CTRL-ALT-C and CTRL-ALT-V are reserved (although I can't found a listing) and don't work. The CTRL-SHIFT ones work fine for pause.

So, other than changing the letters, am I missing something? :mellow:



P.S. This is going to be used by a basic computer user, not by me... :(

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This is not perfect but it will eliminate the above problem.

#include <misc.au3>


While True

Func _CheckHotKey()
    If _IsPressed("11") And _IsPressed("43") THen
        MsgBox(64,"'Hotkey' was pressed","Ctrl+C")


Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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