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standard for adlib function usage?

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I ran across an issue recently while creating an install front end used to install 2 different applications (one after the other). I created seperate scripts to start with so I could nail down the automated installation of each application. In each seperate script I used an Adlib function to deal with issues such as if the application were already installed, etc. As seperate scripts they work without issues, as a combined script they work without issue only as long as no adlib functionality is required (i.e. the application is not previously detected as installed,etc.). I created the combined script trying to use 2 seperate adlib 'calls', such as creating one adlib section before each seperate function to install an application:

AdlibEnable ("application1")

Application 1 installation code

AdlibEnable ("application2")

Application 2 installation code

Func application1



Func application2



I assume I'm doing something wrong, perhaps there can be only one adlib function/section per script and I must combine all possibly needed adlib actions in one function? Also, the main code used to install each seperate application is being called from its own function if that makes a difference? Just want to make sure that I'm using the best standard practice for the adlib function...

Thanks in advance,


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Maybe use AdlibDisable() at the end of the first part of the script, that installes the first app. Then have the second AdlibEnable() call the second function for the second app installation.

I'm not 100% on that, b/c I'm not sure how AdlibDisable works. But, it's worth a try,

I hope that helps,


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