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Using CommMG.au3 - this code always brings up Windows Media Player

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I'm using CommMG.au3, trying to automate a HyperTerminal session. Each time I run the application Windows Media Player starts up. I don't know exactly where it gets called from. Until this glitch turned up everything was going along OK. The code is just pieced together to test functionality.

In addition I have a couple of questions.

1. Can I run this with @sw_hide setting?

2. Better way to select from dropdown list as in sending the $BPS?

3. How to pause execution of script? I'm using msgbox(), but script continues.

#include <CommMg.au3>
; Test to Verify & Understand CommMg.au3
Local $AreaCode, $PhoneNbr, $Comport, $BPS, $Bits, $Parity, $StopBits, $CaptureFN, $HTFile
$AreaCode = "800"
$PhoneNbr = "555-1212"
$Comport = "COM1"
$BPS = "1"
$Bits = "8"
$Parity = "N"
$StopBits = "1"
$HTFile = "C:\HyperTerminal\TestHT.ht"
$CaptureFN = "c:\Freedom1.txt"
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 1)

; Start HyperTerminal
ShellExecute($HTFile, "", "", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

; Setup text capture parameters and command
Send("!TC", 0)
Send("!F", 0)
Send($CaptureFN, 0)
Send("{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}", 0)

Send("!TCS", 0) ; End text capture
Send("!CD", 0) ; Disconnect call

; Setup modem settings
Send("!FR", 0) ; Go to Edit File Properties
Send("!E", 0) ; Area Code
Send($AreaCode, 0)
Send("!P", 0) ; Phone Number
Send($PhoneNbr, 0)
Send("!C", 0) ; Modem Port
Send($Comport, 0)
Send("!F", 0) ; Go to Configuration Page of Modem
Send("!B", 0) ; Bits per second
;Send($BPS, 0)      ; Wait until better way found for pulldown
Send("{HOME}11", 0) ; Select 19200 baud
Send("!D", 0) ; Data Bits
Send($Bits, 0)
Send("!P", 0) ; Parity
Send($Parity, 0)
Send("!S", 0) ; Stop Bits
Send($StopBits, 0)
Send("!F", 0) ; Flow Control
Send("HARDWARE", 0)
Send("{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}", 0); Navigate to OK button
Send("{TAB}{ENTER}", 0) ; Navigate to OK button (1 level up)

MsgBox(0, "Pause to check Changes", "Check the results")

Send("!FX", 0) ; Close and exit HyperTerminal

Can anyone help out?



XP Pro SP3, AutoIt3

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