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Getting AutoIt to Auto Click Coordinates on WarRock

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I'm trying to get an AutoIt script working with the game WarRock, by pressing 3 simple coordinates. The trouble I have is when I use the script it works, but when I open WarRock, it stops. However, when I press CTRL + ALT + DEL, it starts working, but is not clicking on WarRock, it just looks like it is.

Here is the script I'm using, which I'm 100% sure is wrong because I'm a first time user of AutoIt, and it doesn't work obviously:

If WinActive("WarRock") Then





Please tell me how to get AutoIt working with a game like this. My computer screens resolution is 1024x768, but in-game I use 640x480.

And if any of the veteran coders out there could, either send me the script to make it work to my e-mail: audiological1993@yahoo.com or teach me how to make it work.

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Looks like your game recognises Autoit and tries to prevent it from interfering with the game. It is common for games nowadays to implement some anti-cheat methods.

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