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i wanna start learning

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I looked at CyberSlug's files which including functions that send messages to controls.

the messages r something like this: 0x0452, and i was wondering where do i learn what each message does.

i sent him a pm and he directed me to here.

in this site there is a list of many nice functions, but thats not exactly what i wanted.

anyway i still found that interesting and i wanted to know how to use them - i mean in which language they r ( :-? ) and is there a guide or something?

thanks in advance

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Just to provide me an example, how would I implement this message?


I think I can see how I could use it with GuiCtrlSendMsg(), but what if it wasn't my ListView I wanted to manipulate? ControlCommand doesn't work, right? That's just for a predefined list of commands.. isn't it? (Sorry to be a nuisance, but can't test it myself right now).

*Edit: Also, just had to mention this. In your post, Larry, you say that the link points to ListView controls, but actually it points to ListBox controls :lmao:

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