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I mainly wrote this because my parents and I are always short for ideas when playing games that require you to act out an item, but i suppose the script could be applied to any purpose as it uses external files.

Basically, you can supply the list of items (along with other details) and then select the categories/themes to pick from. The result is a set of cards set out in a web page which is saved to a chosen directory. :(

For testers, I have included some items in a list, although not very good as only the "People" category has colours, and not all items have themes, but you should get the idea. The script may also need tweaking for the latest version (sorry! :mellow: ) as I haven't tried it with that yet.

All the files you need are in the zip. The code has 261 lines so I won't print it here, but it is included. I also apologise that it may not be the best format - its just how my brain works! Thankyou!


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