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help with opening .ini data into a listview box

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the title explains my sitution.. i guess this MIGHT be a double post if so i am sorry "see gui help for my SAVEING to ini post" now im having trouble loading from an ini into a listiewbox.... i got this code that i got some VERY usefull help in puting togther

;This is made by BOB
;(bob00037 on the autoitforums)
; This script Is An Information Organizer For The Not Very Widely Known MMORPG Endless Online;
#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>
#Include <GuiListView.au3>
#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
#include <GuiConstants.au3>

If FileExists("C:\guildinfo\Guild.ini") Then
    MsgBox(64,"no", "Does NOT exists")
    IniWrite("C:\GUILDINFO\Guild.ini", "Help", "#", "*****this is a help guide on the controlls of GI******                                                                                                                                                                                      #[For Each editbox hitting ENTER will call a function]                                            #[top right [X]=exit\OR\ ALT+f4=exit]                                                                         #[CANNOT edit the list box BUT just add a member then Delete it when you need to edit it, then ad again]                                                                                         #[DO NOT change the directory outputs (i have not designed it to be user friendly)]")
    IniWrite("C:\guildinfo\Guild.ini", "Personal", "#Text", "0")
    IniWrite("C:\guildinfo\Guild.ini", "CurrentMembers", "#Current", "0")
    iniwrite("C:\guildinfo\Guild.ini", "OldMembers", "#Old", "0")
    IniWrite("C:\guildinfo\Guild.ini", "Rules", "#Rule", "0")
    MsgBox(64,"NOW", "it exists")
#region ; GLOBAL VARS
Global $GUI, $Pdt, $PSv, $Ldbtn, $Pdtdr, $INIp, $OpnDrb, $OpnDrI, $hlp, $INIh,$Delcm, $AdRcm, $Adrcm2, $Addcm, $listview, $Listview2, $INIcm, $Cmdt, $Cmld, $listedit, $CmSv, $Cmsv2, $CmLd, $CmLd2, $Cmcount, $Cmmemup, $CmMemCount, $Cmupdate

#region; GUI
$GUI = GuiCreate("GI    (Guild Information)   VERSION 0.00004", 400, 400)
GuiSetIcon(@SystemDir & "\mspaint.exe", 0)

#Region ; PIC
GuiCtrlCreatePic("guild.bmp",0,0, 399,79)

#Region ; Personal TAB
GuiCtrlCreateTab(0, 80)

Func _vars()
    $PSv = GuiCtrlCreateButton("SAVE", 0, 360, 400, 20); The "save" button on the personal tab
    $OpnDrB = GuiCtrlCreateButton("OPEN DIR", 300, 315, 100, 20);  The "OPEN" button on the personal tab
    $Ldbtn = GUICtrlCreateButton("LOAD", 300, 335,100,20); The "load" button on the personal tab
    $hlp = GUICtrlCreateButton("HELP", 200, 380, 200,20); HELP button for the help file
    $Pdtdr = GUICtrlCreateInput("C:\guildinfo\guild.ini", 0, 335, 300, 20); The DIRECTORY input for LOAD on the personal tab
    $Pdt = GUICtrlCreateEdit(" ", 0, 130, 400, 175, 0x0004);The BIG input on the personal tab
    $OpnDrI = GUICtrlCreateInput("C:\guildinfo", 0, 315, 300, 20); The DIRECTORY input for OPEN DIR on the personal tab
    $INIp = IniRead("Guild.ini", "personal", "#text", ""); The [personal] .ini text readback call
    $INIh = IniRead("Guild.ini", "Help", "#", ""); The [help] .ini text readback call

GuiCtrlCreateDate("", 0, 380, 200, 20)

#Region ;Guild TAB
GuiCtrlCreateTab(0, 80)

#Region ; DATE
GuiCtrlCreateDate("", 0, 380, 200, 20)

Func _vars2()
    GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_DROPACCEPTED)  ; to allow drag and dropping
    $CmMemCount = GUICtrlCreateEdit("0", 0, 130, 224, 20)
    $Adrcm = GuiCtrlCreateInput("Name|0|0|0|0", 0, 110, 224, 20)
    $Delcm = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Delete", 306, 110, 80, 20)
    $Addcm = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Add ", 226, 110, 80, 20)
    $listview = GuiCtrlCreateListView("Member|Rank|Warnings|Test Taken|Gone", 0, 150, 399, 200, BitOR($LVS_EDITLABELS, $LVS_EX_GRIDLINES))
    $Listview2 = GUICtrlRead($listview)
    $Adrcm2 = GUICtrlRead( $Adrcm )
    $CmSv = GUICtrlCreateButton("SAVE", 0, 360, 197, 18)
    $Cmsv2 = FileSaveDialog("SAVE", "C:\GUILDINFO\", "(*.ini*)", "guild.ini", "guild.ini")
    $Cmld = GUICtrlCreateButton("LOAD", 198, 360, 200, 18)
    $Cmupdate = GUICtrlCreateButton("UPDATE", 226,130,160,20)
    $CMmemup = IniRead("guild.ini", "CurrentMembers", "Itemcount", "default")


While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $PSv
            Iniwrite("guild.ini", "personal", "#text", GUICtrlRead($Pdt))
        Case $Ldbtn
            GUICtrlSetData ( $Pdt, $INIp )
        Case $OpnDrB
            MsgBox( 0, "OPEN?", "UDF Directory" )
        Case $hlp
            MsgBox(0,"Help?", "UDF file",GUICtrlRead($Pdtdr))
            GUICtrlSetData ( $Pdt, $INIh )
        Case $Addcm
            GUICtrlCreateListViewItem( GUICtrlRead( $Adrcm ), $listview)
        Case $Delcm
        Case $CmSv
             if FileExists($cmsv2) then IniDelete($cmsv2,"CurrentMembers")
            For $n = 0 To _GUICtrlListView_GetItemCount($listview) - 1
                $Itemtext = _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText($listview, $n)
                For $p = 1 To 5;for each column
                    $Itemtext &= '|' & _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText($listview, $n,$p)
        Case $CmLd
            $NoItems = Number(IniRead($cmsv2,"listviewitems","ItemCount",""))
            For $n = 1 to $NoItems
            GUICtrlCreateListViewItem( (IniRead($cmsv2,"listviewitems", $n,""), $listview)
        Case $Cmupdate
            GUICtrlSetData( $CmMemCount, $Cmmemup)

that is the code for my entire GUI... any mistakes you guys can see?

Edited by bob00037

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