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Guest jbibler

Ifwinexist Question.... Help Please.

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Guest jbibler

Hey guys, this is my first post. I just started using this tool about a week ago, and I have it working perfectly for implementing a automatic configuration script for Internet Explorer proxy settings.

Anyways, I'm trying to do another install now of RealOne Player. It has several windows in the installation, but they pop up different on different machines.

Some machines pop up asking for Network settings (LAN, etc.) but others dont. So I wanted to add a IfWinExists for that window, but the problem is... that Window has the same Title as the windows prior and the windows afterwards. The AutoIT viewer doesn't show any text for either window, so how do I differentiate between the two windows? They are both titled... "Install Wizard"... is there another way to distinguish a window?

I hope I haven't confused everyone. Let me know if you have any questions.



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Two suggestions:

1) Look into AutoIt v3. It is approaching official release, and has a function that lets you retrieve the size of the active window*. It can also check for the presence of buttons and controls!

*Edit: I see that version2 has "WinGetActiveStats" However, I don't know if window size is a reliable measue given the possibility of windows themes and screen resolutions.

2) Don't install RealOne Player. If you need to play RealMedia files, look into Alternatives first (and check the license).

Good Luck

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agree with cyberslug that v3 is much better...

This is a solution that could work in V2... its from a working script that i just cut&paste to give you an idea...

Repeat, 60
Sleep, 1000
IfWinActive, LPR Port Configuration Warning, The LPD Server did not respond, Send, {ENTER}
IfWinActive, LPR Port Configuration Warning, The server name you specified could not be resolved, GoSub, HostNotExists
IfWinActive, Add Printer Ports, The printer already exists, GoSub, PrtExists
IfWinActive, Printer Ports, , Goto, Cont1
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