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Need Help making MiningBot

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Basically I need it to equip my drill (D) then hit A to use it and hold DOWN. after so long a mine rock will apear (like in the photo) and I need to unequip my drill (D) and turn around and pick up the rock (A).

After each time I drill I have to move to another spot on the wall.

After about I think like 1000times of using the drill, the batteries will run out, which then you need to open your inventory (Q) and select batteries and apply them (D).

And eventually you will collect so many rock that you will not be able to carry anymore so you need to go to the big machine behind me (in the photo) and press A on it and it will make the rock into a mineral. Each time you press A on it you must walk to the end of the machine and pick up your rocks.

-Step Further-

Your bags will still get full after you have made them into minerals so you must go up 2 levels and sell them to the vender (Open your inventory and drag it onto the counter and press up for quantity of items you want to drop.

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