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Get pixel color after _ScreenCapture_Capture

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Currently have the problem:

I want to chekc when graphical application (via Direct3d or something like that) changes mouse cursor from one to another.

MouseGetCursor instantly returns ARROW to me.

So, my next try is to check the mouse cursor pointer's color and track the changs.

The problem is that when I use PixelGetColor() - it returns me pixel's color UNDER the mouse cursor.

In order to override this I am going to take snapshot of the screen.

_ScreenCapture_Capture will return me a handle to picture.

And the question is how to get pixel's color via that handle?

I do not want to paste this image to Autoit GUI and then use PixelGetColor - cause that would be quite slow, and I want to implement some fast working cycle.

Any ideas how could I do that?

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