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Key press not registered by AutoIT script while in a game

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Hi guys, I've made a "stop watch", trying to find out how long a sword swing action takes in a game. (The game is called "Mount & Blade").

In the script, I use the "m" key to toggle the stop watch.

It works fine in windows, but inside the game, the "m" key doesn't work. (Please note: the "m" key is not used by the game).

Is it because of the DirectX blocking the keystroke being passed to any other program besides the game? Or is it because the script is not "attached" to the game process?

How do I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Here's my stop watch code:

Global $StopWatchStarted=False
Global $begin = TimerInit()

HotKeySet("m", "StopWatch")

While True

Func StopWatch()
    $StopWatchStarted = NOT $StopWatchStarted
    If $StopWatchStarted Then
        $begin = TimerInit()
        ToolTip("Stop Watch Started")
        $dif = TimerDiff($begin)
        ToolTip("Time Difference " & $dif & "ms. Stop watch now off.")

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The game is blocking it.

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Hi, I am having the same problem but with a slight difference.

The game is Cabal and I am already bypassing the X-Trap game control. I am able to use QMacro with hotkeys assigned to start macros but unable to start execution of AutoIt. Outside of Cabal game, it is ok.

Is there anyway to force AutoIt to catch the keystrokes first?

Thanks in advance.

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try adding in the function

send ("m")

when hotkeyset m is used autoit uses the key for itself and doesn't send it away so you send the m by the script

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If HotKeySet doesnt work _IsPressed will certainly work its the best !

Cheers, FireFox.


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