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Problem with speech recognition

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hello need help to understand error with the object com SAPI

here the code:

$RecoContext = ObjCreate("SAPI.SpSharedRecoContext")

$SinkObject = ObjEvent($RecoContext, "MYEvent_")

;GUICtrlSetData($GUIEdit, "ObjEvent created Successfully!" & @CRLF, "append")

;Imported from: SAPI.H


Const $SPRS_ACTIVE = 1



$Grammar = $RecoContext.CreateGrammar(0)




$prulec = $prules.Add( "wordsRule", 0x01 + 0x20,0)


$pstate = $prulec.InitialState

$pstate.AddWordTransition ("","One");

so i dont understand the error i have on the last line

C:\autoitrecon.au3 (42) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:

$pstate.AddWordTransition ("","One")

$pstate.AddWordTransition ("","One")^ ERROR

i have read the SDK and some samples already written in other langage ..but dont understand

maybe an autoit problem?

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Hum i have trapped th eror code and its mismatch...???

so the method AddWordTransition could have Null pointer as first argument..? is it the error???

definition in help sdk is

     DestinationState As ISpeechGrammarRuleState,
     Words As String,
     [Separators As String = " "],
     [Type As SpeechGrammarWordType = SGLexical],
     [PropertyName As String = ""],
     [PropertyId As Long = 0],
     [PropertyValue As Variant = 0],
     [Weight As Single = 1.0]
Edited by Frenchy

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