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Read Clipboard and look for a match from a file

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Hi there guys, I would like to ask for some help on working with "Array" here is the sample code. This can read clipboard and search for the string on a file. Now my problem is...what if clipboard has this and needs to be search all at once from a INI file and replies it back to the visitor.

Clipboard has:

Item1 = $10

Item2 = $11

Item3 = $11

Item4 = $14

Item5 = $16

Item6 = $123

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Code goes here

Dim $A, $INI

Local $NAME1, $I

$bak = ClipGet()

ClipPut($bak & "")

$item= ClipGet()

$I = 1

While (Asc(StringMid($NAME1, $I, 1)) <> 10)

If $item= "item1" Then

$INIFILE = "Database.ini" ; INI file

$Open = FileOpen($INIFILE, 0)

$INI = FileRead($Open)



MouseClick("left", 766, 480, 1, 1) ;were pm window reply is





SendMessage(766, 480, "Order's are not on my database")




;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; End of Code

Thanks looking forward on everyones help!

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