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Dynamically Resizable GUI Theme? Using a spliced transparent PNG Image? Possible? Also some C#,C++ Gui questions for the experts.

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Hey, I'm trying to create a GUI that's... well, cool. I like the design of this, or see attatched image 3. But that's a png, and its a fixed size. I can design it to suit my desktop, but everyone else has different resolutions and sizes. I would like to make it adjust itself depending on their resolution. I'm going to work on this throughout the week, and if it fails, I'm going to end up doing a vista-aero-style gui (Downside is not compatible with Xp systems, less cool looking in my opinion..). Can anyone recommend a solution for me? Here's what I've been thinking:

Goal: Make the GUI-style (Using Transparent Png image shown above) have it self adjust depending on users resolution.


-> Would like to do this one:

1.) Splice up the png image (Cut the png into different images), and some how make the gui draw itself a bunch of different png images, 4 corners, then have the length and width borders just a bunch of png images that take up border space. (Like these forums display its style/theme).

-> Fail-Safe

2.) Create a 'resource dll' with set png images in it for every resolution out there (annoying to deal with).


0.) Does anyone have any suggestions on Idea 1? Like how to code it, design wise? Just have a bunch of images drawn? I'm just getting into GUI's and trying to search all i can out of these forums.

1.) Cosmetic Question. I have a problem when using the Vista.au3 file and $WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW to remove the Exit,Minimize,Maximize,and GUI Title.... (Attatched image 2). When I try to move the GUI, it shows that... Vista.au3 Found Here

2.) Do any programmers here know of any good sites / books to learn how to design GUI / Visual-Styles of programs (C#,C++,C+,.NET)? I've read/took programming tutorials,books, and classes that teach me algorithms and how to do certain functions (college kid).... but they never really teach me how to design how a program looks or what a gui can offer... (Like what styles or options there are for a gui such as the aero feature, Transparency, Drop-Shadows for buttons, etc) Is it all just a bunch of images?

Thanks again for all the support guys!! I've programmed using only basic-gui functions for the longest time, only focusing on the 'program' or purpose of what I'm trying to do. I'ld really like to learn how to get into the design-stuff now, to expand my know-how.




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