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How to open 2 files?

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I want to play a sound file the corresponds to a word in a list where the user chooses the spelling list file.

I know how to make it work when I know which list they are choosing. It works perfectly.

However, I need to know how to reference both files when the user chooses the spelliing list.

Here is the structure:

I have a directory called A in two different places:

let's say


and mysounds\A

In the mylist\A there is a text file with spelling words.

In the mysounds\A there are sound files that correspond to each word.

1.wav corresponds to the first word in the spelling list.

If A is not fixed but chosen by the user using FileOpenDialogue(), I just need to know how to reference both(word and WAV when in different directories.)

If it is easier to put both in mylists\A I would appreciate that soultion also.


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