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PLEASE Help Me Learn How to Use WMP to Rip CDs

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Hey guys,

I've done some work with COM objects when I did used AutoIt to control iTunes, but all the interfacing had been researched and written already. Now I'd like to interface with the IWMPCdromRip Com Object from Windows Media Player 11 to rip CDs. I have been able to write a script that checks the drive status and then opens windows media player and clicks the rip tab and closes it upon eject but I want to do this directly through the COM Object. The reason being is this is for a church, every time a sermon is preached and recorded, whoever is in the soundbooth places the cd in the tray and my program takes over, it just looks for a cd with only one track. Then it clicks away at Core FTP to post the sermon online, which is another thing I want to get around doing in the background. Is anyone willing to help teach me or show me how to use this COM Object?

Here's a direct link to get started on the object http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb262864(VS.85).aspx

By the way, I've tried this so far and it works, but it's using the WMPlayer.ocx and not the IWMPCdromRip:

$oWMP = ObjCreate('WMPlayer.OCX')
 If @error Then
    Msgbox (0,"Windows Media Player","Error Getting an active WMP 11 Object. Error code: " & Hex (@error, 8))

But none of these will work, the one with "::" has a parse error so tried a period instead as well:

MsgBox(4096, "Current Ripping Status", $oWMP.get_ripProgress)
MsgBox(4096, "Current Ripping Status", $oWMP.IDC_RIP_STATE)
MsgBox(4096, "Current Ripping Status", $oWMP.IWMPCdromRip::get_ripState)
MsgBox(4096, "Current Ripping Status", $oWMP.IWMPCdromRip.get_ripState)
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Hi Sticky,

I have try also to use "WMplayer.ocx" to rip cd with no success.

So i have find (finally) a little program on the net named 'BonkEnc' http://www.bonkenc.org/ this look like a normal cd ripper using GUI etc. but this one have something more.. a Command-Line Interface !!!!

Yes, when you install this software you can found a small utility named 'BEcmd.exe' with a very complet set of function (command-line Swicthes). working 100% on XP.

You can with this convert CDDA to a lot of different format including MP3 (of course) more option can be made to setup encoding and a acces to CDDB database is available. a dream ! :P

So, t'ill i found the way to rip cd using WMPlayer.ocx (if it's possible) i use this one with success.

If you use it a lot dont forget to make a donation to developper (not so expensive).

Enjoy Bye.

PS : anybody on forum nows who to rip with WMplayer.ocx ? :unsure:

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