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Resizing Images in MSWord

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I was just wondering if anyone has already written a function to add to the Word Management UDF to resize images in MSWord.. and if so, does it still work for 2007?

I tried searching, but was instead put into awe by how many times I read the same exact question "Can autoit resize an image?"... which was unfortunately, no help to my current issue. Oh yeah, I also got a look at that Seam Resizing program.. which is friggin godly. Now I have new software to add to my wishlist.. thanks alot Search Button, you're raping my bank account. :)

EDIT: The reason I need to resize is because Adobe Photoshop and MSWord aren't agreeing on how large 46 pixels is... and I don't want to massively lose image quality by reducing 46 pixels by 40% so that MSWord puts it up as 46 pixels when I insert image (-.-).

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