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Explorer utility with AutoIt and Delphi 5 parts

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I've been messing around with utilities that aren't shell replacements, but make opening or reopening items in Explorer easier. Some of the AutoIt code I found on this site demonstrating WM_COPYDATA between AutoIt and Delphi programs, and some other techniques, made it feasible to monitor Explorer folder opens without sucking up too many CPU cycles or ripping my hair out. :)

So in return I thought I'd post a link for people who like such gizmos.

You'll probably find it most useful if you are a FreeCommander user, but

just the Explorer Folder Monitor feature may save some aggravation.

It comes with an uninstaller and should run on any Windows that the latest stable

AutoIt3 compiled scripts can. The main exe is straight Delphi 5.

FavesSA 3.5

I hope somebody enjoys using it. :)

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