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InetGet problem/bug

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it is posible to solve this bug?

$testosterone = getsource("http://recyfer.info/testosterone.htm")
$testosterone_version = StringRegExp($testosterone, "Last version (.*?)<", 3)
Func testosterone()
$testosterone_save = FileSaveDialog("Download Dir", "C:\Download\", "zip (*.zip)", 16, "C19H28O2.v"&$testosterone_version[0]&".zip")
If Not @error Then
    $size = InetGetSize("http://recyfer.info/files/C19H28O2.v"&$testosterone_version[0]&".zip")
    InetGet("http://recyfer.info/files/C19H28O2.v"&$testosterone_version[0]&".zip", $testosterone_save, 1, 1)
    $stat = @InetGetBytesRead/$size*100
    While $stat<>100
        $stat = int(@InetGetBytesRead/$size*100)
        TrayTip("Downloading", int(@InetGetBytesRead/1024)&"kb/"&int($size/1024)&"kb ("&$stat&"%)", 10, 16)
MsgBox(64, "Download Complete", "Password: recyfer.info"&@CRLF&"Have Fun with the Loader =)")
Func getsource($url)
    $httpObj = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
    Return $httpObj.Responsetext

when it download the arhive the arhive will be corupt...are there any solution???


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Try using While @InetGetActive instead of While $stat <> 100.

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Try using While @InetGetActive instead of While $stat <> 100.

now i try it...and nothing...same think...i think it's too small file to download it:| or other explication i don't have:|

the arhive have 699 KB:| and it's protected by password

Edited by Kyme

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