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pixelgetcolor and ScreenCapture.au3 questions

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Hello all,

It is your least favorite noob again, with more questions about my creation of a mtgo bot.

I am having problems, with the pixelgetcolor staying the same number, when i log on and off of my computer, each time it is returning a different number.

I change the number today so it will work, log off, start it up, start mtgo, run the bot program, it checks for the pixelgetcolor and it is not recognizing it because the number is returning something different then last time. Is there something i am missing?

wll post the code in a bit

also is there a website or is in the help, that gives me some help with ScreenCapture.au3. I am having no luck with it, i was using code from another poster here in the forum, and it stops the program after taking the jpg, and lists errors concerning the jpg, never starts to read the text at all.

anyway, thanx in advance


Opt("PixelCoordMode", 1);thought this might help with the problem, it hasn't

while $bot = "run"

    $checksum = PixelChecksum(495,237, 785,237)

; Wait for the region to change, the region is checked every 500ms 
    While $checksum = PixelChecksum(495,237, 785,237)

    $checkcolor = pixelgetcolor (540,470)
    $checkcolor2 = pixelgetcolor (633,471)
    ToolTip( $bot & " " & $checkcolor & " " & $checkcolor2, 0, 0)
               ;in the following if, checking 2 checkcolor values for highlighted or regular button color
    if (($checkcolor = "15000804") or ($checkcolor = "13355979")) and ($checkcolor2 = "0") then 
        intrade ()
        mouseclick ("left",920,455)
    if ($checkcolor = "0") and ($checkcolor2 = "15527148") then mouseclick ("left",635,470); trade canceled by customer
    mousemove (920,455)

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