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selecting random weighted variables

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My script needs to pick a random number between 2 and 13, but the chance of each number coming up needs to be altered according to user choices (GUI).

There must be a better way to do this with arrays or something..


Func getInterval()












$13=_GUICtrlSlider_GetPos($slider13)+$12 ;total of all the weighted variables



case $Int<$3

return 2

case $Int<$4

return 3

case $Int<$5

return 4

case $Int<$6

return 5

case $Int<$7

return 6

case $Int<$8

return 7

case $Int<$9

return 8

case $Int<$10

return 9

case $Int<$11

return 10

case $Int<$12

return 11

case $Int<$13

return 12

case $Int>$12

return 13



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for the code below to work you need to put your sliders into an array + declare a array numberarray which holds all the values for $2,$3,$4 etc.

it might not work at once, but i hope this helps you in the right direction.

Func getInterval()

for $i=2 to 13 step 1
if $i>2 Then 


for $j=3 to 13 step 1
if $Int<$numberarray[$i] Then
return $j-1

if $int>$numberarray[12] Then
return 13

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