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How could I use XML-RPC to send information to another computer?

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I want to use XML-RPC to send information from one computer to another on demand, but the computers are not in the same network.

Lets say we have 2 computers:

Comp1 sends to XML-RPC server: Login:UsrName/Pass and server sends to Comp2

Comp2 receives the command and replyes by sending a reply to server witch sends info back to Comp1.

Any other solution are welcomed.

Something like that...the ideea is that I whant to make 2 computers send and receive commands/results to each other throught XML-RPC.

How could I do it?

Is there an example script someone could show me?

I have posted this a while ago in the General Help section but I found no answer.Please help me on this!

I do not like stupid and idiot people that write idiot things...If you are one, do not write.

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