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Accessing DLL file

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Hi there,

I'm trying to access a DLL file which is connected to at public Queue System....

I don't understand how to interact with this dll.

I have tried somethingh like this:

$dll = DllOpen("NQMedia.dll")

$result = DllCall($dll, "int", "StartNQMedia")


Lot of errors / crash

But to be honest i don't know how to access, so is there someone there could give me an example howtoo

get data from NQGetMediaData



Here is what the manufactor says about the dll.

Starting up the NQMedia.dll. This will allocate memory and open up the connection to NQClient

or NQCashier.


Int StartNQMedia ( struct TStartNQMediaRecord StartNQMediaRecord);



Out struct TStartMediaRecord {

Int Handle;

Handle of customer application main

window. Used to retrieve a windows

message from dll.

Int Array [5] Reserved; For future use.


Return Value

=1 Success

<> 1 Failure


Retrieving information data from NQMedia.dll whenever windows message Hex 6F3 has been

sent from NQMedia.dll to customer application main window.


struct TNQMediaDataRecord NQGetMediaData ();



Return Value

NQMediaDataRecord (on stack)

In struct TNQMediaDataRecord {

Char Letter; Letter on ticket

Int TurnNumber; Ticket number

Int Zeros; Number of significant numbers

on ticket.

Int QType; Customer type

$0B {11} = Office Main Q

$0A {10} = Office Secondary Q

$09 {9} = Office Booked Q

$01 {1} = Servicetype Main Q

$02 {2} = Servicetype Sec. Q

$0C {12} = Servicetype Bok. Q

$05 {5} = Cashier Main Q

$03 {3} = Cashier Secondary Q

$0D {13} = Cashier Booked Q

$06 {6} = User Main Q

$04 {4} = User Secondary Q

$0E {14} = User Booked Q

$0F {15} = Recalled

Int ServiceType; Servicetype customers was

forwarded from

Int Cashier; Cashier customer was

forwarded from

Int User; User customer was forwarded


Int Array [98] Reserved; For future use.


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