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Downgrading Flash - concept

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I have no experience coding in AutoIt but I have a question before I start.

The problem: We have an internal issue in our company if workstations are upgraded to the latest version of Flash then users are unable to make certain edits on our Web site.

To fix the problem, IT has to manually uninstall Flash then reinstall an older version. This ties up a person's machine while they are trying to work and sometimes IT can't get to the problem for a while. But then the problem occurs again when people upgrade to the newest Flash when they are prompted. A vicious circle.

But I found that I can manually swap out the NPSWF32.dll file in a folder (C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash) to an older Flash DLL which fixes the problem quickly and painlessly.

The question: I would like to know if ...

1. an AutoIt script in executable format can rename the existing NPSWF32.dll and copy the older NPSWF32.dll to that folder.

2. Can the older DLL be packaged in the AutoIt script executable so all a person has to do is run the executable?

All workstations are on Windows XP Pro.

Thanks for any advice, pointers, etc.

- Tom

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Get the older dll, have the script check every few minutes/seconds the current size of the dll in the flash folder. If its a different size than the older dll, then have it replace the new one with the old one.




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