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SciTE editor problem (more of an observation really)

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Hey i was wondering if anybody else has this problem, or if it's been posted already (couldn't find it)

I've noticed a small issue with the SciTE editor when using multiple monitors.

You know the live help tooltip that pops up when you start typing a function? Also when you're typing in the parameters to that function?

The help that shows you what the parameters need to be?

It seems that little (very beneficial) help pop up only displays correctly when your SciTE editor window is at POSITIVE absolute screen coordinates.

(both X and Y of Editor are + )

So it works like a champ IF your primary monitor is the upper left handed monitor in your screen matrix in windows.

If any other monitor is above or to the left of the primary monitor, the help tooltip pops up only on the primary screen (not right next to where you are typing in the editor like normal)

Does that make sense?

Not really a big deal but just an observation when i'm using the SciTE editor on my other monitors that all have at least one negative absolute screen coordinate.


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I don't have a dual monitor setup I can test with, but when it is a generic SciTE problem you could also report it at the SciTE interest website.

We are using the version of SciTE published by Neil Hodgson as the basis to create the SciTE4AutoIt3 version we distribute.


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I have the same problem. I thought there would be a solution, seems there is none.


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