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Can AutoIt 3 do Localization Testing either on GUI or CMD?

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I am a localization SQA. I'd like to use autoit3 to do some automatic l10n testing.

My purpose are:

1. Recognize GUI and Check strings on GUI whether localized correctly.

2. Operating with L10N string from CMD. (This is easy to accomplish.)

3. Any other aspects around L10N testing.

So, anybody would give me some advices? Such as freesoftware for L10N testing, related API in AutoIt3, L10N testing method through AutoIt3....

Thank you very much. :)

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hmm, I was hoping for info on this topic. Since there isn't, I'll chip in with my 2 cents:

1- I have done some work on analyzing menus, deteting and reporting conflicting alt keys:

2- I made a proof of concept autoit project to find truncated strings (common problem of localized strings). It lists all opened windows in a gui. The user can select one window from the gui to test.

The script then looks at the selected window, and makes a list of all its child windows. If the window is a control, it stores its text property. If that's not empty, it goes to the coordinates of that control, uses OCR to read what's displayed there.

In its current state, the project stops there. But the plan is to compare the OCR text with the text property.

If the text property starts the same as the OCR text, but is longer, I flag the text as truncated. If it in turn has child windows or controls, it recursively checks them out, too.

If there is interest in that, I'll post what I have. It was just put together to demonstrate the feasibility of the project.

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