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I made this code to detect two colors and if there are where they are supposed to be then click different places if some places were already clicked but its not working. Is it because I'm not searching in a big enough area even though I know the color should be at that exact point? Any help is appreciated.

Func Purple()
PixelSearch(498, 468, 498, 468, 0xEB68C7, 10)
If not @error then

 PixelSearch(489, 475, 489, 475, 0xDD7FC5, 10)
If not @error then

     if $C1PH = 0 Then
      $C1PH = 1
     ElseIf $C4PH = 0 Then
      $C4PH = 1
     ElseIf $C5BH = 0 Then
      $C5BH = 1
     ElseIf $C6GH = 0 Then
      $C6GH = 1

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