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Monitoring a predefined port, Possibility to drop-specific IP-addresses

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As the topic says I would like to know how to monitor a specific port for incoming connections (in my case, port 6113).

As this is made for online gaming, kicking players (extreme noobs, people loosing purpously or flamers especially) are often essential to get a good experience. :)

I play Warcraft 3, and for normally kicking people, I use VCK (www.VisualCustomKick.com). However, this is not possible when I'm hosting private games in GGC (www.gArena.com) or via LC (www.bonta.kun.free.fr/listchecker), this is not possible as all connections goes through GGC or LC and then gets directed to Warcraft 3 (with IP-addresses changed for emulating LAN). So when i try to kick someone from within VCK, I kick everyone...

What I would like to create is a program with an option to choose what port to monitor (keeping a list of all incoming connections to that port) and an ability to kick ip's from the list.

Thx for any help ^^

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