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_MemoryWrite, Memory writing for online game

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Hey guys, I got this program i working on with AutoIT v3BETA for memory writing in an online game, And as you can see from the code snippet below, The program sends the keys {left}{left}{right}{right} to the server which make the character slide forward in a back in forth motion (fast tho making him go forward) this being that its tricking the server so you can float off a cliff... But How would i go about send those keys faster than normal? Like say x10 or somthing? is this possible? Because I figure inturn the faster the keys {left} and {right} get sent it should speed up the sliding process(cuz its farely slow with the code below..) So Some experience/Suggestions/Help would be great!

Thanks alot guys, Ill credit whoever helps me when I release my program! thanks

_MemoryWrite($ptrPlayerY , $hprocess,$real, 'float')
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Have you searched because I have seen this question raised many time?

Also pls don't bump threads so quickly, it will make people ignore it.


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