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#include issue

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Hi All,

When I download a script and run it I find that I need to add additional #includes to it. I'm guessing something is not cofigured correctly. My install it in the default c:\progam files\autoit

For example: I will download a script that has the include

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

I get a console error when I run it. So, I add additional #include lines until it runs ...like the lines below.

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

#include <GuiEdit.au3>

#include <StaticConstants.au3>



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Script Breaking Changes in Recent Versions

This page contains a list of all changes made in recent updates that will almost certainly break existing scripts. Please read this list carefully when upgrading if you have not been keeping up with developments in the beta versions. If any of these issues affect you then you will need to modify your scripts.

16th May 2008 - v3.2.12.0


RunAsSet() has been removed. Use the new RunAs() and RunAsWait() functions instead. They have been enhanced with slightly better security (It is still not recommended to store important passwords in your scripts) and more functionality.

The option RunErrorsFatal has been removed. Run(), RunWait(), ShellExecute() and ShellExecuteWait() now all set @error when they fail to run the application. AutoIt will no longer throw a fatal error when an application fails to run.

StdoutRead(), StderrRead() and ConsoleRead() have undergone significant changes. They no longer block, they return immediately. The parameters have changed as well. It's no longer possible to read count parameters. The peek parameter has moved to the second parameter. The third parameter now specifies you want the data to be returned in binary format (default is text). The macro @extended now holds the number of bytes/characters read.

StdinWrite(), ConsoleWrite() and ConsoleWriteError() will now behave differently when given binary data. The binary data is written as-is instead of converting it to a string. Also, the return value from these functions is the number of bytes written instead of a generic value of 1.

Removed: ColorMode option ( Opt() ).

Fixed: Random(Min,Max,1). Previously this would never actually return Max, so if Max was artificially incremented by one the script will now need to be changed.


(Please see this forum thread for more details and help with these changes.)

GUIConstants.au3 is identical to GUIConstantsEx.au3. This means that many scripts using advanced GUI functionality will need to use additional #include statements to include files containing constants that were previously and erroneously included.

GUIDefaultConstants.au3 no longer exists. You must now #include the corresponding individual constants file for the control type you need. For example, ListBoxConstants.au3, ComboConstants.au3, EditConstants.au3, etc.

_ArrayCreate() documentation has been removed. The function is still present but may be removed at a later time. Scripts should be updated to use the array initialization syntax built into AutoIt.

Edited by Jos

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