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Tabstops used with GUICtrlGetState

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I have a gui that as I tab through the inputs, when i reach a button I want it to open a new gui with out clicking on the button.

$wintitle = WinGetTitle("", "")
GUISetState (@SW_SHOW)
;~ MsgBox(0,"Debug",$wintitle)
While 1
   While 2
      While 3
         $WINSTATE = WinGetState($wintitle, "")
        ;~        MsgBox(0,"Debug",$wintitle)
         If WinActive($wintitle, "") Then
            $pos = ControlGetPos($wintitle, "", $DESC_BUTTON)
           ;~            MsgBox(0, "$DESC_BUTTON Stats:", "POS: " & $pos[0] & "," &$pos[1] & " SIZE: " & $pos[2] & "," &$pos[3] )
            $b = _CaretPos()
            If $b[0] = $pos[0] And $b[1] = $pos[1] Then
               $msg = $DESC_BUTTON
            ToolTip("First Method Pos" & $b[0] & " " & $b[1], 1, 1)

The right after "While 3" is where my problem is. I'll assume somebody has done this and I would love the help. Thank you

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