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here's a bit of what it can do... :

_task_add($func_array) starts a child that runs the functions in the array in order...(you can even add params like $array[$i]="funcname param1 param2")

_task_stop($pid) sends an exit command to a child

_spawn_child($CH_BOOT) spawn a child with a bootstrap this is the part that runs the script again

with this you can even assign values like : do func param1 param2 ... paramn done assign var1 val1 flag(flag is passed to assign())

the example file has a gui created by one child that is modified by other child processes... when commanded by the parent

_task_destroy($pid) is actually processkill()



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I don't know why this got no replies, but it's very good and useful. Thank you very much Xand3r!

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